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Cyrus Saffron Flower Tea Gift Box - Pack of 12


Are you a tea lover who craves unique and exotic blends? Do you want to try something that has never been done before? Look no further than Cyrus Saffron Flower Tea Gift Box - Pack of 12!


Our innovative herbal tea is made with real saffron flowers and saffron candy rocks, making it a beautiful and delicious tea that's perfect for any occasion. This pack contains 12 boxes, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy this one-of-a-kind tea or share it with your friends and family.


At Cyrus, we take pride in bringing you the highest quality ingredients, inspired by the ancient Persian Empire and crafted with modern expertise. Our Saffron Flower Tea is no exception, made with the finest ingredients for a rich, smooth taste that's sure to delight your senses.


So why settle for ordinary tea when you can experience the luxurious taste of Cyrus Saffron Flower Tea? Order your pack of 12 today and start enjoying a truly unique tea experience!

Each box contains 2 saffron flowers and 2 saffron candy rocks.


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