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Cyrus Pomegranate Liqueur 20% 700ml

Our Cyrus Pomegranate Liqueur, or as we like to call it, Cyrus Anar. Crafted with care in small batches in the Distillers Capital of the World, Schiedam Holland, this is not your average liqueur. Blending Dutch craftsmanship with the ancient standards of Persian taste to bring you a 100% natural and surprisingly tasteful drink.


Made from the juiciest pomegranates of Middle Eastern countries, combined with our best Vodka, and clean purified water, Cyrus Anar packs a punch with its 20% alcohol content. Perfect for sipping on the rocks, enjoying pure, or mixing with your favorite cocktail.


Let's not forget the history behind the name; Cyrus, the Persian king, was known for his love of luxury and extravagance. With Cyrus Anar, you can indulge in a taste of history and add a touch of luxury to your drinking experience.


So go ahead, sit back, and enjoy the exotic flavor of Cyrus Anar. Cheers to a taste of history!


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