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Indulge in the royal taste of Cyrus Pomegranate-Raspberry Tea, fit for a king or queen. This black tea boasts a trendy blend of pomegranates, goji, and sea buckhorn berries, perfectly complemented by a juicy raspberry flavor with a gentle touch of guarana.


Each sip is a burst of flavor fit for a royal palate. The combination of black tea, rose hip peels, hibiscus, and natural flavors creates an exquisite taste that is both refreshing and energizing. Whether you're starting your day or unwinding after a long one, Cyrus Pomegranate-Raspberry Tea is the perfect companion.


This premium tea blend comes in a tin can, keeping the tea fresh for longer, so you can enjoy its rich aroma and flavor to the last sip. Brew it with hot water for 3-5 minutes at 100°C, and experience the luxurious taste of Cyrus Pomegranate-Raspberry Tea.

Ingredients: Black tea (80 %), rose hip peels, hibiscus, flavour, goji berries, raspberry bits (2 %), guarana seed, sea buck horn berries, cornflower petals, natural flavour, pomegranate juice concentrate

Strength; 2
Dosage;  1 heaped teaspoon
Temperature; 100c
Brewing time; 3-5 minutes


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